3l Garar Lyrics ( ع الجرار ) is a new famous Arabic song. Song of 3l Garar lyrics started by the line of وعز علينا فراق الأحبه and in English translation is And comfort us with the separation of loved ones. This song released on the date of 11th August, 2022. Song of 3l Garar lyrics sung by Ahmed Saad. This song written by Aziz El Shafei. Song of 3l Garar lyrics got more than half million visitor in YouTube after released this song. This song music composition by Aziz El Shafei.

3l Garar Song got a music label which name is Global Sound. This song sung in the language of Arabic. 3l Garar song first published on the YouTube in the channel of Ahmed Saad. So, let's know the song of 3l Garar Song lyrics and also play the music video in below.

3l Garar Song Information
Song Name3l Garar
SingerAhmed Saad
SongwriterAziz El Shafei
MusicAziz El Shafei
Released DateAugust 11, 2022
LabelGlobal Sound

3l Garar Lyrics
3l Garar

3l Garar Lyrics By Ahmed Saad

وعز علينا فراق الأحبه
و زرنا الأطبه ماحد دوانا
و كنا معاهم و كانوا معانا
و ايه وداهم و ايه خلانا

واحشني اللمه
و حضنك يامه
ده بُعدك غمه
و قلبي اتغمى

يا عشره و جيره يا صحبه جميله
حظوظنا قليله ف دنيا بخيله

ترتيبه عجيبه لعبه واحنا فيها مش لعيبه
تغريبه دنيا غريبه عيشه ولا تذنيبه
وع الجرار الأيام عدوا و ع الجرار عدوا
و عالم بيا ربي وحده و ع الجرار عدوا

قلبي بطوله عايشها لوحده
و ع الجرار عدوا
وموجه تجيبه و موجه بتاخده
و ع الجرار عدوا

مدد يا سيد وأصلي و أعيَد
و فرحان قلبي حر و مش متقيد
مدد يا سيده شموعك قايده
و نظره يا طاهره يا بدر السهره

و فين قعدتنا
و فين قهوتنا
و عشرة طاوله
و جوله ف جوله

ع الجرار كلمات الاغنية - Ahmed Saad

And comfort us with the separation of loved ones
And we visited the doctors, no one did us
And we were with them and they were with us
And what happened to them and what happened to us?

I miss you
And your embrace
This is after you sad
And my heart fainted

Oh ten and neighbor, oh beautiful company
Our chances are few in a stingy world

Its arrangement is strange, a game and we are not a defect in it
A strange world, a strange world, live and do not sin
And the days are an enemy, and the days are an enemy
And I know my Lord alone, and the jar is an enemy

My heart is heroic, lived it alone
And the jar is an enemy
And a prompt to answer and a prompt to take
And the jar is an enemy

Extend, sir, and pray and restore
And the joy of my heart is free and not bound
Extend your candles, lady
And look, O pure, O Badr of the night

And where did we sit?
And where is our coffee?
And ten tables
And round in round

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