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Poland Lyrics is a new famous trending English song. Song of Poland lyrics sung by Lil Yachty. This song written by Lil Yachty, F1LTHY, Lukrative and Lucian (Neilaworld). Song of Poland Lyrics started by the line in English pronunciation is You fuckin' with that F1LTH'. This song released on the date of 12th October, 2022. Poland song got a million visitor in YouTube after released this song between only a day. This song music composition by F1LTHY, Lukrative and Lucian (Neilaworld).

Poland song got a music label which name is Universal Music Group. This song sung in the language of English. Poland song first published on the YouTube in the channel of Lyrical Lemonade. So, let's know the song of Poland lyrics and also play the music video in below. You can also know Lil Yachty all song lyrics here.

Poland Song Information
Song NamePoland
SingerLil Yachty
SongwriterLil Yachty, F1LTHY, Lukrative and Lucian (Neilaworld)
MusicF1LTHY, Lukrative and Lucian (Neilaworld)
Released DateOctober 12, 2022
LabelUniversal Music Group

Poland Lyrics

Poland Lyrics By Lil Yachty

You fuckin' with that F1LTH'
Wake up F1LTHY
To Poland

I took the Wock' to Poland
I took the Wock' to Poland
I took the Wock' to Poland

Uh (Phew phew) ha
I been fiending (Uh) like I'm Kenan
Ride around with a Kel-Tec (Wock')
If you mean it baby girl do you mean it?

I been leaning baby girl I been leaning (Wock')
Phew phew phew (Wock')
Phone still ringing battling all my demons
I been fiending baby girl I been fiending (Wock')

Hope you love me baby I hope you mean it (Wock')
I took the Wock' to Poland
I took the Wock' to Poland
I took the Wock' to Poland

Poland Music Video

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