Helleh Lyrics is a latest famous Javanese song. Song of Helleh lyrics started by the line of Loh kok mecucu ae and in English translation is Why are you kidding me?. This song released on the date of 1st September, 2022. Song of Helleh lyrics sung by Denny Caknan. This song written by Denny Caknan. Song of Helleh lyrics got a half million visitor in YouTube after released this song between only 12 hours. This song music composition by Denny Caknan.

Helleh song got a music label which name is DC Production. This song sung in the language of Javanese. Helleh song first published on the YouTube in the channel of DENNY CAKNAN. So, let's know the song of Helleh lyrics and also play the music video in below.

Helleh Song Information
Song NameHelleh
SingerDenny Caknan
SongwriterDenny Caknan
MusicDenny Caknan
Released DateSeptember 1, 2022
LabelDC Production

Helleh Lyrics

Helleh Lyrics By Denny Caknan

Loh kok mecucu ae
Ora niat mesem e
Enek salahku mbok omongo wae
Timbang gelo mburine

Helleh encep e esemu
Nantik - nantik ayumu
Yogane sinten jan koyo emas inten
Gregetne nganti kuangen

Piye to ki kok geting aku
Piye to ki kok geting aku
Ora usah di ungkit yang lalu
Urip ora mung padu

Mbok ojo nesu - nesu sayang
Ncen kabeh salah ku
Mpun mbanding-bandingke
Saing - saingke kalih liyane

Helleh Lirik - Denny Caknan

Why are you kidding me?
I don't want to smile
It's my fault
Weigh the back

Helleh cep e your smile
Looking forward to your beauty
Yoga is like gold and diamonds
He was so excited that he woke up

How come you hate me?
How come you hate me?
No need to bring up the past
Life is not just about fighting

Please don't get angry dear
It's all my fault
Let's compare them
Compete with the other two

Helleh Music Video