Boss Lyrics ( مايركبش بسكلته ) is a new popular Arabic song. Song of Boss lyrics started by the line of خد متخافش and in English translation is Be afraid. This song released on the date of 21st August, 2022. Song of Boss lyrics sung by Mohamed Ramadan. This song written by Elpower El3ali. Song of Boss lyrics got an average visitor in YouTube after released this song. This song music composition by Mozza x Taison. Boss song music video directed by Omar Zaki.

Boss Song got a music label which name is Elpower El3ali. This song sung in the language of Arabic. Boss song first published on the YouTube in the channel of Mohamed Ramadan I محمد رمضان. So, let's know the song of Boss Song lyrics and also play the music video in below.

Boss Song Information
Song NameBoss
SingerMohamed Ramadan
SongwriterElpower El3ali
MusicMozza x Taison
Released DateAugust 21, 2022
LabelElpower El3ali
DirectorOmar Zaki

Boss Lyrics

Boss Lyrics By Mohamed Ramadan

خد متخافش
انا لما بحضر اخض
تضربني بصوت بحي نرد
ازاي قطط في اسود بتعض

هلعبها لوب .. لو راجل صد
انا في التواضع مقولكشي
جاي اخطف انظاركوا وامشي
عن نفسي ليه متكلمشي

انا عارف ان انتوا .. متغاظين .. اوي
أوي .. متغاظين .. أوي .. أوي
أنا عارف إن إنتوا .. متغاظين أوي ..
طب تعرف تعمل كدة .. كدة .. كدة

عالناهيه بنلعب منهيبش
طلعتوا اشاعه ومكلتش
اضرب غيرها الطلقة مجتش
كفاياك دولارات متبعزقهاش .. اوي

متبعزقهاش ... اوي ... متبعزقهاش .. أوي
انا لما اتكلم اعلم
اجيب م الاخر اصلي معلم
اقول الكلمه الكلمه تعلم

لو غابت مني هتتعتم
زي ما اجيبها بسيبها
انا زي ما ارتبها بكركبها
انا في اي حته بخش اقلبها .. كده

طب تعرف تعمل كدة .. كدة
جامد جدا في اي حته
ميجا ستار مش برمي الجته
نمبر وان يركب ملاكي

بس ميركبش بسكلته
انا لما اخطي بغطي احسبها
بالمتر لا بالسنتي
انا جنبي خمسين شنب لادارتي

انا شورتي لايق اوي مع نضارتي
بص لايق ازاي .. بص متضايق ازاي
بص لايق ازاي .. بص متضايق ازاي
طب تعرف تعمل كدة

مايركبش بسكلته كلمات الاغنية - Mohamed Ramadan

Be afraid
When I come to go to bed
You hit me with a loud dice
How do cats in black bite?

Loeb will play it.. if a man stops
I am in humility
Jay grab your attention and walk
About myself, why do you speak?

I know that you are.. mad.. oh
Oy.. angry.. O.. O..
I know that you are.. very angry..
Do you know how to do this .. this is how .. this is how

In the end, let's play Mnhebish
They came out a rumor, and they didn't
Hit another bullet
Enough of your dollars

mtbzqhhhh... ooh... mtbzqhhhhh.. ooh
When I speak I know
Answer m the other is the original teacher
say the word the word learn

If you miss me, you will be blind
As I answer it, I will leave it
I like how I put it on my knees
Anywhere, I am afraid to turn it over.. like this

Do you know how to do this.. so?
Too rigid in any way
Mega star, don't throw it away
Number One riding my angel

Just merkbash all
When I make a mistake, I cover it
In metres, not cents
I have fifty mustaches for my administration

My shorts are too fit with my freshness
Look good, look, look annoyed, how?
Look good, look, look annoyed, how?
Do you know how to do this?

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