My Melancholy Blues Lyrics is a renowned English song. Song of My Melancholy Blues lyrics sung by Freddie Mercury. This song written by Freddie Mercury. Song of My Melancholy Blues lyrics started by the line in English pronunciation is Another party's over. This song released on the date of 28th October, 1977. My Melancholy Blues Song got 4.9 million visitor in YouTube after released this song. This song My Melancholy Blues composition by Mike Stone & Queen. My Melancholy Blues song created by the band of Queen. This song Background Vocals sung by Freddie Mercury.

My Melancholy Blues Song got a music label which name is EMI Music & Elektra Records. This song sung in the language of English. My Melancholy Blues song first published on the YouTube in the channel of Queen Official. This song created in an album which name is News Of The World (1977). So, let's know the song of My Melancholy Blues Song lyrics and also play the music video in below.

My Melancholy Blues Song Information
Song NameMy Melancholy Blues
SingerFreddie Mercury
SongwriterFreddie Mercury
MusicMike Stone & Queen
Released DateOctober 28, 1977
AlbumNews Of The World (1977)
LabelEMI Music & Elektra Records
Background VocalsFreddie Mercury

My Melancholy Blues Lyrics
My Melancholy Blues

My Melancholy Blues Lyrics By Queen

Another party's over
And I'm left cold sober
Baby left me for somebody new
I don't wanna talk about it

Want to forget about it
Wanna be intoxicated
With that special brew
So come and get me

Let me
Get in that sinking feeling
That says my heart is on an all-time low

Don't expect me
To behave perfectly
And wear that sunny smile
My guess is I'm in for

A cloudy and overcast
Don't try and stop me
Cause I'm heading for
That stormy weather soon

I'm causing a mild sensation
With this new occupation
I'm permanently glued
To this extraordinary mood

So now move over
And let me take over
With my melancholy blues
I'm causing a mild sensation

With this new occupation
I'm in the news
I'm just getting used to
My new exposure

Come into my enclosure
And meet my melancholy blues

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