Dragon Attack Lyrics is a famous English song. Song of Dragon Attack lyrics started by the line in English pronunciation is Ooh yeah. This song released on the date of 30th June, 1980. Song of Dragon Attack lyrics sung by Freddie Mercury. This song written by Brian May. Dragon Attack Song got 3.1 million visitor in YouTube after released this song. This song Dragon Attack composition by Reinhold Mack & Queen. Dragon Attack song created by the band of Queen. This song Background Vocals sung by Freddie Mercury, Brian May & Roger Taylor.

Dragon Attack Song got a music label which name is Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany. This song sung in the language of English. Dragon Attack song first published on the YouTube in the channel of Queen Official. This song created in an album which name is The Game (1980). So, let's know the song of Dragon Attack Song lyrics and also play the music video in below.

Dragon Attack Song Information
Song NameDragon Attack
SingerFreddie Mercury
SongwriterBrian May
MusicReinhold Mack & Queen
Released DateJune 30, 1980
AlbumThe Game (1980)
LabelMusicland Studios in Munich, Germany
Background VocalsFreddie Mercury, Brian May & Roger Taylor

Dragon Attack Lyrics
Dragon Attack

Dragon Attack Lyrics By Queen

Ooh yeah
Ha baby

Take me to the room
Where the red's all red
Take me out of my head's
What I said

Yeah ow

Hey take me to the room
Where the green's all green
And from what I've seen
It's hot it's a-mean


I'm gonna use my stack
It's gotta be Mack
Gonna get me on the track
Got a dragon on my back

Take me to the room
Where the beat's all round
Gonna eat that sound
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Take me to the room
Where the black's all white
And the white's all black
Take me back to the shack (shack)

She don't take no prisoner
She gonna give me the business
Got a dragon on my back
Hey it's a dragon attack

Get down
Nice and slow
Hey hey

Oh yeah-he-yeah

She's low down
She don't take no prisoners
Go down
She gonna give me the business

No time
Yeah chained to the rack
Show time
Got a dragon on my back

Show down
Go find another customer
Slow down
I gotta make my way

On my way
On my way

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