Sweet Lady Lyrics is a trending English song. Song of Sweet Lady lyrics sung by Freddie Mercury. This song written by Brian May. Song of Sweet Lady lyrics started by the line in English pronunciation is Ooh I like it. This song released on the date of 21st November, 1975. Sweet Lady Song got 1.1 million visitor in YouTube after released this song. This song Sweet Lady composition by Roy Thomas Baker & Queen. Sweet Lady song created by the band of Queen. This song Background Vocals sung by Freddie Mercury, Brian May & Roger Taylor.

Sweet Lady Song got a music label which name is Sarm East Studios. This song sung in the language of English. Sweet Lady Song first published on the YouTube in the channel of Queen Official. This song created in an album which name is A Night At The Opera (1975)). So, let's know the song of Sweet Lady Song lyrics and also play the music video in below.

Sweet Lady Song Information
Song NameSweet Lady
SingerFreddie Mercury
SongwriterBrian May
MusicRoy Thomas Baker & Queen
Released DateNovember 21, 1975
AlbumA Night At The Opera (1975)
LabelSarm East Studios
Background VocalsFreddie Mercury, Brian May & Roger Taylor

Sweet Lady Lyrics
Sweet Lady

Sweet Lady Lyrics By Queen

Ooh I like it

You call me up and treat me like a dog
You call me up and tear me up inside
You've got me on a lead
Ooh you bring me down

You shout around
You don't believe that I'm alone
Ooh you don't believe me

Sweet lady
Sweet lady
Sweet lady (sweet lady) stay sweet

You say
You call me up and feed me all the lines
You call me sweet like I'm some kind of cheese
Waiting on the shelf

You eat me up
You hold me down
I'm just a fool to make you a home

Ooh you really do
And you say
Sweet lady
(Sweet lady)

Sweet lady
(Sweet lady)
Sweet lady (ooh come on) stay sweet

My sweet lady
Though it seems like we wait forever
Stay sweet baby
Believe and we've got everything we need

(Got everything we need)

Sweet lady
Sweet lady
Sweet lady (Yeah ooh ooh) stay sweet
Stay sweet

Runaway come on
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

Sweet lady

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