Son And Daughter Lyrics is a famous English song. Song of Son And Daughter lyrics sung by Freddie Mercury. This song written by Brian May. Song of Son And Daughter lyrics started by the line in English pronunciation is I want you-ooh ah. This song released on the date of 13th July, 1973. Son And Daughter Song got 746 thousand visitor in YouTube after released this song. This song Son And Daughter composition by John Anthony, Roy Thomas Baker & Queen. Son And Daughter song created by the band of Queen. This song Background Vocals sung by Roger Taylor & Brian May.
Son And Daughter Song got a music label which name is Trident Studios London. This song sung in the language of English. Son And Daughter Song first published on the YouTube in the channel of Queen Official. This song created in an album which name is Queen (1973). So, let's know the song of Son And Daughter Song lyrics and also play the music video in below.
Son And Daughter Song Information
Song NameSon And Daughter
SingerFreddie Mercury
SongwriterBrian May
MusicJohn Anthony, Roy Thomas Baker & Queen
Released DateJuly 13, 1973
AlbumQueen (1973)
LabelTrident Studios London
Background VocalsRoger Taylor & Brian May

Son And Daughter Lyrics
Son And Daughter

Son And Daughter Lyrics By Queen

I want you-ooh ah

Tried to be a son and daughter
Rolled into one
You said you'd equal any man
For having your fun

Ooh now didn't you feel surprised to find
The cap just didn't fit?
The world expects a man
To buckle down and to shovel shit

What'll you do for loving
When it's only just begun?
I want you-ooh
To be a woman yeah

Tried to be a teacher
And a fisher of men
An equal people preacher
Will you lead us all the same?

Well I traveled around
The world and found
A brand new word for day
Watching the time mustn't linger behind

Pardon me I have to get away
Ooh what'll you think of heaven
If it's back from where you came?
I want you-ooh

To be a woman
I want you to be a woman yeah
You know I'm gonna save the world
Now you've just begun

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