Now I'm Here Lyrics is a renowned English song. Song of Now I'm Here lyrics sung by Freddie Mercury. This song written by Brian May. Song of Now I'm Here lyrics started by the line in English pronunciation is Here I stand. This song released on the date of 17th January, 1975. Now I'm Here Song got 14 million visitor in YouTube after released this song. This song Now I'm Here composition by Roy Thomas Baker & Queen. Now I'm Here song created by the band of Queen. This song Background Vocals sung by Brian May Freddie Mercury & Roger Taylor.

Now I'm Here Song got a music label which name is EMI. This song sung in the language of English. Now I'm Here Song first published on the YouTube in the channel of Queen Official. This song created in an album which name is Sheer Heart Attack (1974). So, let's know the song of Now I'm Here Song lyrics and also play the music video in below.

Now I'm Here Song Information
Song NameNow I'm Here
SingerFreddie Mercury
SongwriterBrian May
MusicRoy Thomas Baker & Queen
Released DateJanuary 17, 1975
AlbumSheer Heart Attack (1974)
Background VocalsBrian May Freddie Mercury & Roger Taylor

Now I'm Here Lyrics
Now I'm Here

Now I'm Here Lyrics By Queen

Here I stand
Look around around
Around around around
But you won't see me

Now I'm here (now I'm here)
Now I'm there (now I'm there)
I'm just a just a new man
Yes you made me live again

A baby I was when you took my hand
And the light of the night burned bright
And the people all stared
Didn't understand

But you knew my name on sight
Whatever came of you and me
America's new bride to be
Ooh don't worry baby

I'm safe and sound
Down in the dungeon just Peaches and me
Don't I love her so?
Yeah she made me live again


A thin moon me in a smoke-screen sky
Where the beams of your love-light chase
Don't move don't speak don't feel no pain
With the rain running down my face

Your matches still light up the sky
And many a tear lives on in my eye
Down in the city just Hoople and me
Don't I love him so?

Ooh don't I love him so?
Whatever comes of you and me
I'd love to leave my memory with you
Now I'm here (now I'm here)

Think I'll stay around around (think I'll stay around around)
Around around around around (around around around around)
Down in the city just as you and me (down in the city just as you and me)
Don't I love you so

Go go go little queenie

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