Nature Walk Lyrics is a popular English song. Song of Nature Walk lyrics sung by Cocomelon. This song written also by Cocomelon. Song of Nature Walk lyrics started by the line in English pronunciation is Let’s go for a nature walk. This song released on the date of 29th September, 2020. Nature Walk Song got more than 51 million visitor in YouTube after released this song. This song music composition by Cocomelon.

Nature Walk Song got a music label which name is Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes. This song sung in the language of English. Nature Walk Song first published on the YouTube in the channel of Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes. So, let's know the song of Nature Walk Song lyrics and also play the music video in below.

Nature Walk Song Information
Song NameNature Walk
Released DateSeptember 29, 2020
LabelCocomelon - Nursery Rhymes

Nature Walk Lyrics
Nature Walk

Nature Walk Lyrics By Cocomelon

Let’s go for a nature walk
Listen to the birdies talk
Go strolling in the grass
While clouds go rolling past

Short and leafy forest trees
Tall and pointy forest trees
Forest trees stand happily
As we’re whistling

Red and orange autumn leaves
Green and yellow autumn leaves
Autumn leaves dance in the breeze
As we’re whistling

Sweet and tiny flowers bloom
Big and happy flowers bloom
Can you smell their sweet perfume
As we’re whistling

Flapping, chirping birds go by
Swimming, quacking ducks go by
Floating free and flying high
As we’re whistling

We went for a nature walk
Listened to the birdies talk
Went strolling in the grass
While clouds went rolling past

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