Lens Lyrics - Lilas Ikuta is a latest famous Japanese song. Song of Lens lyrics sung by Lilas Ikuta. This song written also by Lilas Ikuta. Song of Lens lyrics started by the line of 私の瞳もいつからか and in English pronunciation is Watashi no hitomi mo itsu kara ka. This song released on the date of 1st June, 2022. Lens song got a huge visitor in YouTube after released this song between only a hour. This song music composition by Lilas Ikuta.

Lens song got a music label which name is The First Take. This sung in the language of Japanese. Lens song first published on the YouTube in the channel of The First Take. So, let's know the song of Lens lyrics and also play the music video in below.

Lens Song Information
Song NameLens
SingerLilas Ikuta
SongwriterLilas Ikuta
MusicLilas Ikuta
Released DateJun 1, 2022
LabelThe First Take

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Lens Lyrics - Lilas Ikuta





Lens Lyrics - Lilas Ikuta
( Romanized )

Watashi no hitomi mo itsu kara ka
Tada hitori anata ga ii
Donna ni tooku chiisaku katasumi demo
Pinto wo awasete shimau

Darashinakute yureru senaka sae mo
Furimuite miseru egao mo
Hitotsu mo kobosazu ni
Yakitsuketeitai yo

Kazashita renzu no mannaka ni
Tada anata wo utsushiteitai
Obotsukanai tetsuki demo seiippai
Sono sugata wo toraete

Anata ga no hitomi no mannaka ni
Utsusu no wa dare na no ka na
Itsuka futari yorisoi warau hibi ga aru
Zenbu omoi todokeau you ni

Lens Lyrics - Lilas Ikuta
( English Translation )

When did my eyes start
Only you are good
No matter how far or small
It is in one corner
I will focus

Even a sloppy and swaying back
A smile that turns around
Without spilling one
I want to burn it

In the middle of the lens you hold
I just want to take a picture of you
I'll do my best even with uncertain hands
Capture that figure

In the middle of your eyes
Who will copy it?
Someday there will be days
When we both snuggle up and laugh
To deliver all the feelings