IVY Lyrics - Elroy is a new English song. Song of IVY lyrics started by the line of Take some time to wrap my head around it. This beautiful song sung in the language of English. IVY song sung by Elroy. This song also produced by Elroy. IVY song released will be 7 January, 2022.

This song 1st published in the official YouTube channel of Elroy. So, let's know the song of IVY lyrics and also play this music video in below.

IVY Song Information
Song NameIVY
Released DateJanuary 07, 2022

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IVY Lyrics - Elroy

Settle down
Take some time to wrap my head around it
Baby girl
Been selfless enough to give a fuck about it

I need some medication I been
Bleeding out

You don't need to be all uptight
I don't need to keep seeing you crying
You've been up to no good
Can you read between the lines
I did all that I could