The Diarrhea Song Lyrics is popular English song. This song is a funny type song. The Diarrhea Song song mainly explain how feel when anyone suffer in Diarrhea.

Song of The Diarrhea Song lyrics started by the line of When you're riding in a sleigh. So, let's know the song of The Diarrhea Song lyrics and also play the music in below.

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The Diarrhea Song

When you're riding in a sleigh
And you hear something spray
When you’re climbing up a mountain
And your butt becomes a fountain

When you're driving in your car
And your house is just too far
When your stomach is in pain
And it’s making chocolate rain

You Love Diarrhea

Whe you think its chicken soup
But it's really liquid poop Diarrhea
When you're climbing up a tree
And it trickles down your knee Diarrhea

When you are driving in your chevy
And you're feeling some something heavy diarrhea
When it's comming out your bum
Like a bullet in a gun diarrhea

You Love Diarrhea

When you're walking down the hall
And it splatters on the wall diarrhea
When you're in a Jumbo Jet
And your butt begins starts to sweat diarrhea

When you think your friends are joking
But your pants are brown and soaking diarrhea
When you're walking in the attic
And your butt goes automatic diarrhea

You Love Diarrhea

When you’re on a first date
And you have the taco plate diarrhea
When you’re eating some Chinese
and your ass begins to sneeze diarrhea

When you’re surfing on the net
And your butt gets hot and wet diarrhea

You Love Diarrhea

When you’re hanging upside down
And your face is turning brown diarrhea
When it sounds like a horn
And your butt poops out some corn diarrhea

You Love Diarrhea

When you’re shopping at the store
And its dripping on the floor diarrhea
When you’re swimming in a pool
And you leave a trail of stool diarrhea

You Love Diarrhea